FAQ - WAIC Summer Camp Jobs
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What is WAIC?

WAIC is the Western Association of Independent Camps. This association is a collection of independent day and resident summer camps that provide high quality programs to children. All WAIC camps are accredited through the American Camp Association (ACA) and participate year-round through professional development, strong networking, collaboration of new ideas, and discussion on trending topics.

Are all WAIC camps in the West Coast?

No. WAIC originated in the West Coast but has since expanded its association with camps throughout the United States. A majority of WAIC camps are located in the West Coast but we have expanded as far as Virginia. Current member camps are located in California, Arizona, Washington, Colorado, Wyoming, Hawaii, and Virginia.

What makes a WAIC camp different from any other camp?

WAIC camps are independently owned and operated. All WAIC camps must be ACA accredited which sets a standard of camp professionalism. In addition to ACA accreditation, WAIC camps are dedicated to going above the standard of camping with collaboration of 49 member camps – sharing best business practices and trending camp topics.

Do camps hire international staff?

Yes, many WAIC camps hire international staff. They work with agencies such as CCUSA, Camp Leaders, Camp America, InterExchange Camp USA, CIEE, and IENA.

What qualifications do I need to work at a WAIC camp?

The qualifications may vary by camp due to each camp’s specific needs. Please visit the camp’s website to review their minimum qualifications.

Can I apply to more than one camp?

Yes! You might find more than one camp that you are interested in applying for. We encourage you to apply to any camp that you are interested in. The basic application will allow you to choose up to 5 camps.  The camp(s) will notify you if you have been selected for an interview.

What is the difference between day and resident camps?

At resident camps, campers stay overnight at the camp facility. At day camps, campers are dropped off and picked up each day, typically Monday through Friday. For staff at resident camp, housing and meals are typically provided. For staff at day camp, housing and meals are not typically provided. Please contact the camp you are interested in regarding their housing and meal policies.


This is dependent on the camp. If you don’t hear back within one week, we encourage you to reach out to the camp directly.

What if I have multiple WAIC camps that respond to my resume?

Great! You will have the ability to interview at each camp and find the one that’s the best fit for you. Looking for interview tips? Check out this great article.

Can I contact the WAIC camp directly?

Yes, of course. Please feel free to contact the WAIC camp directly regarding any questions or concerns you have regarding their program and staffing needs. You can find each camps contact information on the Resident Camps and Day Camps Directory pages.

How will camp help me with my future career? Why should I work at camp?

Working at summer camp can not only be an extremely rewarding experience, but be also an opportunity to build strong skills for any future career. Check out these links by the American Camp Association on specific skills cultivated as a Camp Counselor, why working at camp is a real job, and how to translate your camp experience to build up your resume.

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